Back to the Bench Tuesdays

Celebrating our schedule change!

Starting April 1st Pyramid Studios will be closed Tuesdays as we're blocking the day aside to concentrate on our basics: custom designed jewelry, jewelry repair,  and wedding ring orders for the coming season.

In a jewelry store, the jewelers bench is where creative juices flow into form, where the engineer becomes an artist. The bench is the heart of our trade, and she's a heart that requires quality time. We're setting aside Tuesdays to give the bench the special time she deserves.

Pyramid Studios to Close An Extra Day a Week

Pyramid Studios will be closed Sundays through Tuesdays. As our reputation for our creative custom jewelry and quality repairs has grown, the hours in a week has not. In order to give our customers a more prompt turn around time and to make time to create jewelry,  we chose the option of closing an additional day a week.

We need a day to recharge, listen to the creative muse and focus on our love of metals, gemstones and the artistry of jewelry. Making jewelry is the reason why we got into this business thirty one years ago and we need more time to do it!

When the store is open, it is rare that we get more than an hour a day to work at the bench.  By having a full day on Tuesdays to sit at the bench and focus on what we do best as jewelers, we will serve our wonderful customers better and have time to set all our fabulous gems that await in the vault.

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Thank you to all our customers who have supported us since 1982.