Bertucci Field Watches


The solid titanium A-2T Original Classics™ strike the right balance between tradition and innovation offering both lightweight comfort and extraordinary durability. The rugged U.S. patented 40 mm case design is manufactured from solid titanium… a high performance alloy we believe to be the best material for a watch case. The A-2T Original Classics™ feature a clean classic dial that is easy to read. A watch that is ready for the rigors of the day.

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The A-2T Field Colors™ series combines our U.S. patented solid titanium sand blasted matte finish A-2T case with richly hued traditional field colors. The finely detailed dial design incorporates several complimentary colors which result in an easy to read and yet distinctive design. Available with our long lasting U.S. patented military spec. nylon bands or latigo double tanned, top grain made in the USA leather bands.

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The DX3® Field™ Series brings classic styling to a rugged poly-resin case that offers a long list of non-compromised performance features and components that are expected in a Bertucci® field watch.The DX3® Field™ Series balances classic and contemporary design elements, that fuse a variety of case, dial and band color options.

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The M-1S brushed stainless steel case offers a classic, traditional look, but with that something extra. The M-1S offers the same performance features of every Bertucci® watch in a case sized for women. The round dial is sized right and features easy to read high contrast numbers day. The new DX3® Field Nylon 5/8" / 16 mm band is ultra comfortable and fits all women’s wrist sizes.

5 Styles To Choose From


The A-1S Field™ brushed round stainless steel case is a classic based on its simplicity in function. The military style dial features 12 and 24 hour markings, gloss finish and easy to read high contrast colors. The A-1S offers essential function, simple styling, high value and long lasting durability of every Bertucci® Performance Field Watch.™

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The A-2S Field™ is all about function and form in order to create high performance, value and classic Bertucci® field watch styling. The easy to read dial features a symmetrical design, full 12 and 24 hour markers, super luminous hand & markers, and is devoid of ostentation with white on flat black dial. The solid stainless steel 40 mm U.S. patented A-2S brushed finish case is extremely durable.

5 Styles To Choose From


The Bertucci® Commando Camo™ Series features two authentic U.S. Military specification, made in USA, high performance camo webbing patterns. Additionally, Commando Camo™ Series is loaded with premium features such as a reliable all metal quartz movement, Swiss super luminous hands and markers, a rugged U.S. patented DX3® case and band, and a hardened mineral glass crystal. A watch ready for duty regardless of the whether it's work, play, the field or military endeavors.

4 Styles To Choose From


The A-2T HIGHPOLISH™ series is constructed from a solid titanium case which undergoes a high speed polishing operation in order to achieve a brilliant bright metallic finish. This highly durable finish is achieved directly from the titanium and will hold up well to years of rigorous activity. The highly polished A-2T case is complimented by a classic gloss finished dial design that features easy to read larger numbers and hands. The end result is a rugged sophistication, more of a dress refined look, but not sacrificing any of the performance we build into every Bertucci® watch.

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A passion for performance... that’s the driving force of what goes into the new Bertucci® A-5P Illuminated™. It’s loaded with premium features such as a U.S. patented Durability Certified™ carbon fiber reinforced 45 mm case, tritium illuminating tubes that will glow continuously without need for battery or button push, and a rugged U.S. patented DX3® nylon band... well put together to deliver the performance for life’s day-to-day challenges... what ever they may be.

6 Styles To Choose From

A-3P Sportsman Field

The A-3P Sportsman Vintage Field™ is inspired by classic American outdoor gear design that embody the spirit of adventure. The result is a sensible combination of refinement, durability, and versatility... built for performance, function, and void of ostentation.

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B-1T Titanium Field 

The B-1T Titanium Field ™ leading edge design features a rugged 41 mm brushed titanium case.

5 Styles To Choose From

DX3 Plus Field 

The DX3® Plus™ brings classic styling to a rugged matte finish fiber reinforced poly-resin case that offers a long list of non-compromised performance features and components. DX3® Plus™ offers a new 4 year battery movement, dash striped DX3® Nylon band and Swiss Super Luminous hands & markers.

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Bertucci Sport Watches



The Ventara™ combines a classic dial, surcingle striped nylon, and a matte stainless steel case to create the classic American style.

6 Styles To Choose From


Procolors™ Women's

The Procolors™ bring together retro sport and contemporary design elements... the result is clean, fresh and original... blending the right amount of refined sophistiction and passion. The painstakingly color matched bands and dials are authentic sporting colors that have endured the test of time. The crisp and functional dials are inspired by 1960’s international sport watches. The dials utilize an Italian Renaissance font and a gloss finish... all complimented by a solid titanium case that is highly polished to a brilliant finish.

3 Styles To Choose From 

Sport™ Series For Women

The Bertucci® Sport™ Series for Women blends our lightweight Active Comfort™ fit with an upbeat look that says the best is yet to come. It’s simple, stylish, and sophisticated, available in an array of ‘50’s-era colors that convey the same “anything is possible” attitude you convey in managing the million and one challenges you meet every day. It’s light and just right. It’s your go-to watch.

5 Styles To Choose From

A-4T Nautical™


A-4T Nautical™ combines extreme durability and lightweight titanium comfort. The striking, yet functional, gloss finish dial features authentic colors, large easy to read numbers and super luminous hands and markers that is complimented by high polished or blue ION finished titanium case. No case material is better performing across all performance metrics for fresh, chlorinated and salt water than titanium.

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