14KT Yellow Gold Imperial Zircon 7mm 3.79CTW Basket Earrings


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How to describe the color of these earrings? Vibrant burnt sienna perhaps - similar to the color of Imperial Topaz. This zircon is named after Imperial Topaz but that's where the similarity ends. Zircon has much more sparkle power. Zircon has a refractive index second only to diamonds which makes this gemstone a dazzler with more fire than topaz or aquamarine. Don't confuse this beautiful natural gemstone with synthetic cubic zirconia - other than an unfortunate similarity in name - zircon is the real deal. 

These earrings feature 7mm round faceted Imperial Zircons set in 14kt yellow gold basket posts. The zircons have a total weight of 3.79ct. We have used heavy gold filled ear nuts for the posts. If you prefer 14kt ear nuts they are available at an additional cost. 

These earrings are best viewed in person to see how amazing their sparkle is. Zircon sparkles even in low lights. Sorry, the pictures can't capture the sparkle!


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