"Bee Habitat" Ancient Mammoth Tusk Ivory, Garnet, 14kt Gold Fill and Silver Bee Pendant


The Bee Habitat pendant necklace is an alluring blend of original creative design, honey colored 14k gold fill accents, and fossilized ivory—all finished with a semi-precious faceted garnet top stone.

Honeybee populations are on the decline, and we need these friendly insects now more than ever. The honeybee is the world's essential pollinator. His work supports the proliferation of plant life and so supports every member of the food chain.

Our jewel bee pendant necklace is designed to honor the mighty bee, which ancient Egyptians held as a symbol of the soul.

The Bee Habitat necklace finds our honeybee in his natural environment, represented here in gleaming sterling silver and honey colored 14k gold fill accents. The bee is placed at the heart of this pendant and a sparkling garnet—known as the heart stone—is set above him in a rich mixed metal treatment.

The honeybee himself is carved from fossilized mammoth ivory, a prized natural material that is over 15,000 years old. Mammoth ivory tells a story of eras past when the great wooly mammoth still roamed the earth. The mammoth tusk ivory has spent many thousands of years buried in permafrost or underground where it can be colored the warm creams to soft browns that signify this ancient material. This ancient ivory from an animal long-ago extinct is especially poignant in our bee carved ivory pendant given the honeybee's current threatened populations.

    The pendant measures approximately 7/8" wide and 1 5/8" tall. 

    This pendant comes on an 18" sterling silver 1.1 mm box chain with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


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