"Angels Amongst Us" Ancient Mammoth Tusk, Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone and Blue Topaz Sterling Pendant


Our fossilized ivory and jeweled garnet angel pendant in silver calls to life a beloved symbol, the angel, in sparkling radiance. This carved ivory pendant born of symmetry and celestial inspiration features the angel presenting a deep red garnet center stone as a gift to the viewer. Garnet, often considered a heart stone, is also the stone of regeneration, healing, hope, and faith—all attributes we associate with the glorious presence of angels in our lives.

The angel wears a rainbow moonstone over her head and a faceted blue topaz beneath the garnet. Her sterling silver wings, which provide the frame for this mammoth ivory necklace, are hand worked from sterling silver that is textured to give the feathers sparkle. Our angel pendant captures the light and reflects it back, creating a dazzling and unforgettable piece.

The angel herself is hand carved from fossilized mammoth ivory, which is over 15,000 years old. The mammoth ivory lies in permafrost or the earth for many centuries, accreting a range of tones from warm cream to soft cocoa. Our artisans typically select the paler shades of fossilized mammoth ivory for this angel pendant, though the precise color in your pendant may vary from what is pictured here. Her hair is inked to offer contrast, and her skin is luminous thanks to the mammoth ivory's distinctive quality.

Our red garnet angel pendant in silver and ancient mammoth ivory also features faceted blue topaz and rainbow moonstone in a transcendent winged design.

  • Hand carved ancient mammoth ivory angel
  • Teardrop cut red garnet center stone
  • Faceted blue topaz and rainbow moonstone accents
  • 'Sparkle' textured sterling silver wing setting

Width 1 1/2" x Height 1 7/8" (approx)

Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks for delivery. 



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