Dolphin Charm #2295


$ 306.00

The playful and agile behavior of dolphins make these social and intelligent creatures a favorite for Maine wildlife watchers. Dolphins will leap out of the water to view their surroundings (called spy-hopping) and are experts at synchronized swimming. You can often spot Atlantic white sided dolphins in Maine swimming alongside boats, a practice known as bow-riding. 

Have a question about a dolphin? Well, you might find the answer to questions like, "Do dolphins have their own language?" at a great website,  The Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

Charms are available in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold, 10kt yellow gold and sterling silver. 

This charm measures 3/8" in width and 1/4" in length. This charm is three dimensional. The charm is three dimensional. For charm bracelet options or to convert this charm into a pendant, please contact us. 

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