Ed Levin Zenith Bracelet

$ 290.00

The long awaited companion to our popular Zenith earrings and pendant. Whether you prefer pearl or onyx, this eye-catching bracelet makes a statement!

Sterling Silver  , or 14K Gold  .

10x10mm square pearl or black onyx.

E.L. Designs uses sterling silver and 14k gold for a lifetime of wear.

Approximately 1/4" at widest point

Pricing displayed is for Ladies Medium size.

Please allow for 10 day to 2 week for delivery.


Proper Fit and Sizing

To measure for proper fit, hold the hand and fingers outstretched, but cupped as if putting on the bracelet.

Measure around the knuckles, use the following guide for sizing:

Hand/Knuckle Size
7 1/2” Ladies’ Small
8” Ladies’ Medium
8 1/2” Ladies’ Large/Men’s Small
9” Men’s Medium
9 1/2” Men’s Large

When putting on, these bracelets should be snug going over the knuckles.

If you do not have a measuring tape, use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler, or

Print this handy tape measure: