"Heart Motif" Ancient Fossilized Walrus Tusk, Labradorite Sterling Silver Pendant


This heart motif necklace in fossilized walrus ivory tusk exemplifies a contemporary, universally appealing design aesthetic and commitment to the finest natural materials.

    Inspired by ancient cultures and pictorial design, this pendant features a figure whose heart radiates as a central symbol in gleaming sterling silver. The line created by the top labradorite stone, the figure's centered placement, and the heart gives this carved ivory pendant a pleasing visual symmetry.

    Labradorite—the magical stone of protection—graces the top of the heart motif pendant. This iridescent stone is famed for its changeable silver to deep blue and even purple tones. Labradorite is considered a wisdom stone that is said to help open the inner eye, or the wearer's perception beyond the classic five senses. Its cool fire offers a lovely touch of color in this earthy motif pendant.

    The figure herself is made from two shades of fossilized walrus ivory—a lighter shade for her face and a deeper shade for her torso. This is fossilized walrus ivory tusk, a prized material that is between 500 and 3,000 years old. Buried underground for centuries where minerals color it the rich shades we see today, the walrus ivory waits for erosion and the tides bring it back to the light. Native peoples gather it for carving, sale, or trade as an important part of their cultural heritage and indigenous economy.

    Width 3/8" x Height 1" (approx)

    This pendant comes on an 18" sterling silver 1.1mm box chain with a secure sterling silver lobster clasp

    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery


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