Re-Tipping And Re-Pronging

January 27, 2016 0 Comments

Re-Tipping And Re-Pronging

Don't Lose That Stone!

Our Services:

• Free prong inspections
• Tightening Stones
• Re-tip prongs
• Replace prongs
• Replace missing gemstones
• Replace head or setting 

When Is it Time to Retip or Reprong

• Prong is thin at top. 
​• Prong is worn on side. 
• Prong is upright or catches clothing.
• Stone moves & is improperly seated.



Potential Prong Problems

Everything needs maintenance and that includes jewelry. Prongs can show wear from simple acts such as abrading against bed sheets or gardening. Prongs can wear if the ring is too large and turns on the finger or if worn with other rings.

We recommend having your prongs checked once or twice a year. It is less expensive to have your ring periodically maintained than it is to replace a diamond or gemstone. Annual inspection can prevent stone loss.

If your ring requires repair, Pyramid Studio's has two in house experienced master jewelers that can answer all your questions and provide full service solutions in house.

Visit Pyramid Studios for free prong inspections!

Signs It's Time to Retip or Reprong

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