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We welcome you to visit Pyramid Studios and ask for Jewelers David or Don. They can help you select or create the perfect engagement ring. Whether you choose an engagement ring from our diamond case or build a custom engagement ring, David and Don are available to answer all your questions in a friendly and professional manner.

Pyramid’s diamond case is stocked with rings that are already made and ready for sizing. Prices start from as low as $250 with price points for all budgets ranging into the thousands.

If you prefer to build an engagement ring, Jewelers David and Don will help you every step of the way in selecting a diamond and designing the perfect ring that will last for years. David and Don have the tools, confidence and experience to get your project right. They have made thousands of engagement rings over the years and know how to deliver your ring that is beautiful, durable and comfortable to wear!

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

You have probably heard of the one/two/three month salary rule? This practice began as a marketing campaign many years ago so do not feel pressured to adhere to this rule! We do not recommend that you begin your marriage deeply in debt. There are beautiful diamond rings for every budget.

When budgeting for your engagement ring purchase consider factors such as your financial situation, your partner’s expectations and the meaningfulness of the ring. Your main goal is to purchase a ring that she’ll love and feel proud of, regardless of the price tag. a well thought out ring that speaks to her individual personality will be much more meaningful than the biggest diamond you can find.

Why Are Diamonds the Top Selling Engagement Ring Gemstone?

A diamond is the most durable gemstone which makes a diamond the perfect choice for a ring that will be worn every day. The diamond had earned the reputation “a diamond is forever” for it’s ability to withstand wear, heat, and chemicals. A diamond is “hard” which means a diamond can resist scratches and abrasions. A diamond is “tough” which means a diamond can resist breaking and chipping. A diamond is “stable” meaning a diamond resists chemicals and temperature changes.

Diamonds are graded according to the characteristics of color, clarity, cut and carat. These “4C’s” determine a diamond’s value. Pyramid’s jewelers can help you determine the balance of these factors that work for your budget. We believe the most beautiful
diamonds look white, have no visible inclusions and are well cut and proportioned to ensure great sparkle. Read more about diamonds.

Diamond Approval – Seeing Is Essential!

The first step in designing a diamond engagement ring is choosing the right diamond. We have access to a vast selection of diamonds or other gemstones and can obtain them for your approval. Don’t rely on grading reports alone without really LOOKING at the gem. You must see the stone and love it. Grading reports do not attest to beauty and not all stones are as beautiful as other stones of equal grade or even a lesser grade. Seeing is a must!

Engage in Color with Sapphires

Traditionally, engagement rings have been set with diamonds but sapphires have become a very popular choice with our customers. Sapphires have been the gemstone of royals for centuries such as Princess Kate Middleton’s 18-carat royal blue sapphire previously belonging to Princess Diana.

A sapphire engagement ring is loved for its rich color and durability. Although diamonds are harder (Mohs ranking of 10), the sapphire earns a 9 on the Mohs scale. Whereas a diamond is valued for brilliance, a sapphire’s value is determined by its color.  The blue sapphire is the most valuable because it is the rarest type of sapphire. A deep blue sapphire is a beautiful choice for an engagement ring.

Do Diamonds Come In Other Colors?

If you want a colored stone engagement ring but prefer the sparkle that only a diamond can deliver, consider colored diamonds. Colored diamonds have the same durability as a white diamond. Colored diamond colors include green, yellow, blue, purple, pink, blue, red and chocolate. Some customers use colored diamonds as accent stones or as the halo stones around a white diamond center stone. 

Will Pyramid Studios Reset My Family Diamond?

We often design engagement rings using a family heirloom diamond that has been passed down. Unlike most jewelry stores, our jewelers are happy to design new jewelry using your own gemstone. When retaining the original mounting is not practical, Pyramid Studios can help you design a new mounting.

Why Choose a Ring Design that Suits Your Lifestyle?

Engagement rings are worn every day, so we encourage you to choose an engagement ring design that is compatible with your partner’s lifestyle. Match the perfect ring with the life you love to live!

  • If you love to travel and want to feel secure, think about a design that is discreet. A discreet ring might also be considered for careers in law enforcement, social work or security.
  • If your work or play involves dirty work (landscaping, baking, housecleaning, sculpting, potting), consider a ring featuring smooth details without nooks and crannies that can capture dirt or a ring that can slip easily into a glove. 
  • For a career in education or health care involving care of other people, or you enjoy team sports, consider a ring that does not have sharp, scratchy edges. 
  • If you work with your hands (computers, machinery, office work, artist, teller), consider a ring that does not have an upraised stone in a tall setting that can knock or catch on things. 
  • If you have an active outdoor lifestyle, consider a ring with a bezel setting rather than prongs to keep your diamond secure. 

What Metals are Recommended for Engagement Rings?

Platinum is a pure-white metal that is 95% pure. It is quite rare and therefore very expensive. Platinum’s density makes it extremely durable meaning it is the very best metal for setting diamonds or other gemstones, keeping them protected and secure. It is hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. When platinum scratches, very little metal is lost so it will endure a lifetime of wear. Many customers choose a platinum setting for the diamond and a white gold shank in order to balance cost and durability.

Karat Gold is the most popular choice for engagement rings as it is affordable and plentifully available. Gold is naturally yellow but when alloyed with other metals is available in white, green or rose gold. 24kt gold is soft so alloys are used for strength. 18 karat gold is 75% yellow gold and 25% other alloys. 14 karat gold is 58% yellow gold. White gold is typically plated with rhodium (a noble metal in the platinum group) for a bright white color. White gold rings would need to be re-plated periodically to keep it looking

Palladium is a lustrous silver-white metal. This natural ore is also used as an alloy in white gold.It is similar to platinum’s hypoallergenic properties but palladium's lower density makes it less costly. Palladium as a darker, grayer tone than platinum.

What's the Difference Between Prongs Vs Bezel Settings?

Both bezel set rings and prong set rings are classic styles and both styles have pros and cons. If you want to ensure that your diamond is kept as safe as possible, choosing a bezel set engagement ring is an excellent choice. Unlike a prong set ring, which only protects the small parts of a diamond that the prongs cover, a bezel set ring surrounds your diamond in 360 degrees of metal. This metal acts as a protective cushion against knock and blows.

Prong settings leave the diamond more exposed, so if you live an active lifestyle your diamond might be at a higher risk of getting damaged. Since a prong setting uses less metal, more light is able to be filtered through the diamond. This causes prong set diamonds to appear more brilliant than bezel set diamonds.

What are the Benefits of Computer Assisted Design?

Endless design options! Designing an engagement ring with our computer assisted design software gives you the opportunity to completely customize a ring and see it in 3D as it would look on the finger. Once you select a diamond or gemstone, the ring can be designed around it. From a simple doodle to a detailed drawing, if you can dream it, Pyramid Studios can make “Your Ring, Your Way”.

Can Pyramid Design A Wedding Band That Can Be Worn With My Engagement Ring?

Pyramid Studios can design wedding bands to match any style engagement ring for a comfortable fit. We can match the curve and style of your engagement ring with a diamond, gemstone or plain band.

Protect Your Ring With Personal Jewelry Insurance

An engagement ring is a significant investment. Many of our customers protect their jewelry against loss, theft, damage or disappearance by purchasing insurance through Jewelers Mutual. JM has been in business since 1913 dealing exclusively with jewelry. If a claim is made, we can work with you to repair or replace your ring.

How Can I Clean an Engagement Ring At Home?

An easy way to keep your diamond jewelry looking beautiful is to soak it in a gentle degreasing solution. Soak for 20 to 40 minutes in warm water with a few drops of Dawn dish soap, once or twice a week.

After you remove the diamond from the cleaning solution, use a soft, clean toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt. The toothbrush should be new and reserved exclusively for cleaning your jewelry. Use it to clean hard-to-reach places like the back of the diamond, which tends to collect the most oil and dirt.

Cleaning & Prong Check Always Free Pyramid Studios

Your engagement ring will need routine maintenance to keep it looking it’s best. Prongs and settings are subject to wear. To help you keep your jewelry looking great and in good condition, we offer free cleaning and inspections. Come see us if your ring has taken a hard knock or if you have other issues such as prongs catching clothing. We recommend at minimum, an annual checkup. Read more about when prongs need re-tipping or re-pronging.

Why Do White Gold Engagement Rings Turn Yellow?

White gold rings are plated with a thin coating of rhodium (a pure white metal) to give them a more brilliant, pure white appearance. This rhodium plating will wear off over time and reveal the white gold ring underneath. Because pure gold is very yellow, no matter how much you alloy it with other white metals like zinc and nickel, it will almost always retain some of its yellowish body color.

Pyramid Studios can return your white gold ring to its original white shine by replating your ring with rhodium. If you want a truly white metal that won’t require any future re-plating, buy jewelry in platinum or palladium that is naturally pure white in color.


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