Diamond Information

The Allure of Diamonds

Nothing captures the meaning of a special relationship between two people like diamonds. Diamonds are alluring, beautiful and unique. The strength and durability of diamonds have made diamonds a lasting symbol of love and commitment.

Diamonds Are Rare

Pyramid Studios has the expertise to show you what makes one diamond different from the next. Like fingerprints and snowflakes, each diamond is different, marked by its own personal journey from deep within the earth.
No other gemstone is like a diamond. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone rating a 10 on the Mohs scale and are so durable, they can only be scratched or polished by other diamonds.

Grading Defines Rarity

The 4C’s refer to a diamond's characteristics and are useful in determining a diamond's value. The 4 C's are carat, clarity, color and cut.
Carat refers to the size of a diamond which is measured in carat weight. While larger diamonds are rare and desirable, two stones of equal caratage can have very different values, depending on other qualities. Small differences in weight can have a dramatic affect on the price and a larger size diamond enhances all other diamond characteristics.
Clarity refers to the amount, size, color, type and location of blemishes found on the surface of a polished diamond and inclusions found inside the diamond. The more closely a diamond approaches flawlessness, the greater its clarity and the rarer, more brilliant and valuable it will be.
Color refers to the degree to which a diamond approaches colorlessness. Only the rarest diamonds can be classified under the colorless grades. Most diamonds are near-colorless or faintly-tinted. Differences in tone and tint are very subtle. Pyramid Studios can help you to compare colors so that you can select the color that is most appealing to you.
The cut of a diamond is the one human element of the 4C’s. Unleashing the maximum fire and brilliance of a diamond takes precision and patience - some consider it an art form. Diamonds cut too deep or too shallow lose light that spills through the sides or bottom of the diamond making them less brilliant and less valuable.

Choose Beauty Over A Grading Report

While each of the 4C’s identifies a specific area of rarity, it is their synergy that determines a diamond’s worth. Pyramid Studios can help you compare each diamond's unique set of quality factors. You can then decide which factors are most important to you. For instance, you may be willing to sacrifice color for size, or you may prefer the sparkle and fire of a well-cut smaller diamond with superior clarity.
We do not recommend basing a diamond purchase decision solely on a grading report of cert. Two diamonds of the same grade may differ in beauty. One may be bright, lively and full of fire, whereas a diamond of equal grade may not. 
Bertucci Sport Watches



The Ventara™ combines a classic dial, surcingle striped nylon, and a matte stainless steel case to create the classic American style.

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Procolors™ Women's

The Procolors™ bring together retro sport and contemporary design elements... the result is clean, fresh and original... blending the right amount of refined sophistiction and passion. The painstakingly color matched bands and dials are authentic sporting colors that have endured the test of time. The crisp and functional dials are inspired by 1960’s international sport watches. The dials utilize an Italian Renaissance font and a gloss finish... all complimented by a solid titanium case that is highly polished to a brilliant finish.

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Sport™ Series For Women

The Bertucci® Sport™ Series for Women blends our lightweight Active Comfort™ fit with an upbeat look that says the best is yet to come. It’s simple, stylish, and sophisticated, available in an array of ‘50’s-era colors that convey the same “anything is possible” attitude you convey in managing the million and one challenges you meet every day. It’s light and just right. It’s your go-to watch.

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A-4T Nautical™


A-4T Nautical™ combines extreme durability and lightweight titanium comfort. The striking, yet functional, gloss finish dial features authentic colors, large easy to read numbers and super luminous hands and markers that is complimented by high polished or blue ION finished titanium case. No case material is better performing across all performance metrics for fresh, chlorinated and salt water than titanium.

7 Styles To Choose From