Watch Battery and Band Replacement

Watch Battery Replacement   

Watch battery lost it's life? Have it changed quickly while you browse the store or drop it off for same day pickup. No Appointment Needed! Our in house jewelers use special tools that open and close your watches battery compartment with precision and without scratching or damaging any surface.  

We use top of the line 
Energizer Lithium Coin Cell and Silver Oxide Batteries. Energizer is a well respected brand for its quality and consistent performance in watches. 


Watch Band Replacement


There are many reasons why you may want or need to replace your watch band. whether it's replacing a broken band, changing a band style or changing a watch bands latch, our experienced jewelers can help!

Broken or Torn Band
: With time, some watch bands can begin to tear leading to an unwearable watch. Choose from the finest of options to replace you band knowing it'll stay secure for years to come... 

Changing Band Material:  Need to change or upgrade you watch band? Choose from a verity of styles like a Leather Strap, Metal Strap, Nato Strap or maybe a Silicon Strap. 

Change Watch Latch: Some watch latches can be difficult to close or may not be as secure as you might like. When changing your band you can also choose different latch options like a Deployment Latch, Push-button Deployment Latch, Hidden Clasp, Tang Buckle or a Jewelry Clasp. 

Watch Band Adjustment

Watch adjusting is very common. With the changing of seasons our wrists can swell or shrink. Our experienced jewelers have the tools to safely adjust your watch band to lengthen or shorten you band accordingly until you watch fits your wrist perfectly.


Watch Pin Replacement 

Watch pins are essential in keeping your watches clasp and links secure and in place. We have the proper tools to remove and replace watch pins while keeping your watch in perfect condition.