Remounting - Same Stone New Design

One of the most popular requests we receive is to create something new out of something old. Whether it's the gemstones of a loved ones old jewelry turned into a beautiful new ring or maybe your style has changed and you're looking for an updated design with the same stones. Explore the sleeping beauties in your jewelry box and give them new life!


Three reasons to reset your gemstone in a new mounting. Over the years, jewelry can become broken and worn. When it is no longer feasible to repair broken prongs, thin shanks or other problems, resetting gemstones in a new mounting may be the answer.

Classic styles are timeless but there are designs that don't hold up over the years that now look dated and gaudy. Remounting stones will update the look into jewelry that you will wear. 

Each piece of jewelry in your jewelry box has a story. Consider one or more of your sentimental pieces into a symbolic new piece. Our jewelers have the creativity and technical know-how to combine pieces into new designs. 

Upcycle Old Gold

If you are remounting your gemstone, we can apply the scrap value of the original mounting to your project at full scrap value. If you have any broken karat gold chains, earring backs or other gold odds and ends that cannot be "merged" into a new piece of jewelry, the value of the scrap gold can be applied to your project. 


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