"Egret in Flow" Ancient Fossilized Mammoth Tusk and Blue Topaz Silver Pendant

$ 245.00

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The graceful and fluid great egret takes center stage in this sterling silver and blue topaz necklace that showcases a hand carved ancient ivory bird in a stunning natural frame.

  • Ancient mammoth tusk
  • Faceted blue topaz accents
  • Intricate sterling silver detail and setting
  • This pendant is sold without a chain
  • Matching earrings

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Zealandia Egret Jewelry Carved Ivory Pendant

The great white egret makes its home throughout the Americas and across the world. These stately birds are bonded to the water where they feed in both fresh and salt water sources. Fashion's insatiable desire for their plumes made them an endangered species in the 19th century. Fortunately, conservation efforts have returned the egret population to today's healthy numbers.

Our egret jewelry pendant celebrates this bird in hand carved ancient mammoth ivory tusk, a material that has lain in the earth for many centuries. Its creamy coloring and prized quality make mammoth tusk an excellent choice for the carved ivory bird center, lending this mammoth ivory necklace a touch of antiquity.

The Egret in Flow dips its long S-shaped neck within a sterling silver frame resplendent in water images and detailing. Our designers selected blue topaz for this piece for its visual association with water and for its brilliant contrast to the soft toned ancient mammoth ivory.