"Heart Song II" Ancient Fossilized Walrus Tusk Earrings with Garnet


$ 145.00

These garnet heart earrings featuring ancient fossilized walrus ivory and a pear shaped faceted garnet are reminiscent of the love's eternal song with their delicate sterling silver details.

Love is celebrated in many ways, and our garnet heart earrings are designed to evoke the spiral movement and emanation of natural heart energy in a visually suggestive way. These carved ivory earrings are a fine example of the curling spiral settings that often feature in the Ancient Ivory collection.

Fossilized walrus tusk ivory is the focal points for these earrings, cradling them with garnet accents and sterling silver tendrils. Fossilized walrus ivory is an ancient ivory that has lain for centuries in the earth. Erosion and the tides expose it where it can be gathered by indigenous peoples and worked into jewelry or other art objects.

Fossilized ivory is a prized and wonderful material that makes these heart inspired walrus ivory earrings all the more special. This ancient ivory is a gift of nature and of the earth. 

    Pair these earrings with a beautiful matching pendant!

    These earrings are approximately 3/4" wide x 1 5/8" tall.

    Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.