"Dragonfly Wing Earrings" Paua, 14kt Gold Fill and Sterling Silver Earrings

$ 98.00

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Width 1/2" x Height 1 1/8" (approx)

Dragonfly wing post earrings in silver and 14k gold fill are a luxurious and contemporary pair from the paua jewelry collection that highlights this very colorful natural New Zealand shell.

  • New Zealand paua shell top accent
  • Sterling silver and 14k gold fill veined wings
  • Sterling silver setting
  • Sterling silver stud back and butterfly closure
  • Matching pendant
Designer: Jenny Byrne

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 


 Zealandia Paua Jewelry—Sterling Silver Dragonfly Wing Earrings

Our dragonfly earrings in silver and New Zealand paua shell echo the colors we often see in dragonflies—an iridescent teal that captures the light. The dragonfly's wings are marvels of engineering and action. They enable this gorgeous insect to hover and to fly in all directions with great speed. The dragonfly's power and grace make our modern helicopters appear clumsy by comparison.

Materials selection is always of the utmost importance when our designers crate a new concept or look. These dragonfly paua earrings feature New Zealand paua shell, a type of abalone that is found only in Kiwi waters. The shell used here is from the multi-colored inner lining of the paua. Like the dragonfly, it comes to us in a variety of vibrant shades from deep greens and teals to coral sunset and rich indigo. Its natural beauty make it a sought after material among our pieces of unique silver jewelry.

A mixed metal sterling silver and 14k gold fill treatment decorates our dragonfly wing earrings, which are patterned in realistic and delicate veining detail. These earrings wear well with virtually all of our silver dragonfly jewelry—pair with your favorite pendant for a complete set!