"Morning Bee" Ancient Fossilized Mammoth Tusk and Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant


This blue beauty from our silver bee jewelry collection stars a honeybee flying through the clear morning air, accented with sparkling blue topaz, 14kt gold fill and gleaming sterling silver.

    This Blue Bee pendant juxtaposes the warm toned bee with brilliant blue topaz accents that give this piece a pop of delightful color. The bee is as much a creature of the air as the hive, and this silver bee pendant highlights the bee’s journeys in flight. The intrepid bee is set in curling sterling silver that evokes the wind’s currents and eddies.

    Blue topaz is considered a stone of protection against negativity, chaos, and disquiet. It is a calming stone that also plumbs the deep wells of creative inspiration and communication. The sparkling blue topaz is especially lovely when paired with sterling silver and 14kt gold fill for a mixed metal effect.

    The bee’s body is handcrafted from ancient mammoth ivory. The ancient mammoth ivory featured in this exquisite pendant has spent many centuries buried in the earth where it gradually gathered its cream to caramel tones. After it is uncovered and brought back to the light, our mammoth ivory is hand worked into the carved ivory pendant you see here.

    Fossilized mammoth tusk ivory is highly prized as a unique material with an age-old history, and it is used the world over in fine jewelry pieces and other art works.

    Width 23 mm x Height 43 mm (approx)

     Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

    This pendant comes on an 18" sterling silver 1.1mm box with with a secure sterling silver lobster clasp.


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