Jewelry Restoration, Repairs and Restyling

Restore...Everything needs maintenance including jewelry. Jewelry is an important investment and your family heirlooms deserve the best care. Pyramid Studios has the creativity, experience and honesty to restore your jewelry to its original luster and preserve its value.

Restyle...Don't let inherited or outdated jewelry sit in a drawer unworn! Pyramid Studios jewelers can help you design a new piece that fits your life style and tastes. Gemstones can be set in a new mounting or elements from  old jewelry can be reworked into something new.

Pyramid Studios is owned by two master jewelers who are uniquely capable of taking on difficult projects. David and Donald each have over three decades of experience working with customers over the counter and at their work benches. Each project is attacked with creativity and ingenuity.  All work is done in house at our Downtown Ellsworth, Maine studios which is also home to our retail store.

Pyramid Studios Services:
• Free jewelry inspection
• Cleaning and polishing
• Replacing lost stones
Repairing broken and worn prongs
• Replacing worn settings
• Recreate a mate for a lost earring 
Convert friction posts to leverback or locking post earrings
• Fixing bent shanks
• Replacing worn or broken shanks
Pearl and bead restringing and knotting
• Restyling, updating old jewelry

Pyramid Studios Has Specialized Tools To Make Sure the Job Is Done Right

Working Under a Microscope

Jewelry settings, prongs and other elements are small which makes it difficult to ensure all the details are perfect with the naked eye or magnified visor. The microscope enables use to spot small imperfections such as cracks and porosity in the metal. Loose gems and settings can be inspected thoroughly.

The Laser Welder

Although our jewelers have mastered old world techniques, the laser welder offers clear advantages to the torch for many delicate operations. A good laser weld is three times as strong as the virgin metal, or 260 times stronger than a solder joint. Very little heat is generated with a laser weld unlike a soldering torch that heats a larger area. The welds are precise and targeted to a specific area allowing very delicate work.

Experience and Know-How

State of the art tools and three decades of jewelry design and manufacturing experience is a powerful combination. David and Don are trained in traditional jewelry making processes. This old world knowledge combined with modern technology, an artist's eye and an engineer's creativity allows them to tackle even the most challenging custom design projects. 

Bertucci Sport Watches



The Ventara™ combines a classic dial, surcingle striped nylon, and a matte stainless steel case to create the classic American style.

6 Styles To Choose From


Procolors™ Women's

The Procolors™ bring together retro sport and contemporary design elements... the result is clean, fresh and original... blending the right amount of refined sophistiction and passion. The painstakingly color matched bands and dials are authentic sporting colors that have endured the test of time. The crisp and functional dials are inspired by 1960’s international sport watches. The dials utilize an Italian Renaissance font and a gloss finish... all complimented by a solid titanium case that is highly polished to a brilliant finish.

3 Styles To Choose From 

Sport™ Series For Women

The Bertucci® Sport™ Series for Women blends our lightweight Active Comfort™ fit with an upbeat look that says the best is yet to come. It’s simple, stylish, and sophisticated, available in an array of ‘50’s-era colors that convey the same “anything is possible” attitude you convey in managing the million and one challenges you meet every day. It’s light and just right. It’s your go-to watch.

5 Styles To Choose From

A-4T Nautical™


A-4T Nautical™ combines extreme durability and lightweight titanium comfort. The striking, yet functional, gloss finish dial features authentic colors, large easy to read numbers and super luminous hands and markers that is complimented by high polished or blue ION finished titanium case. No case material is better performing across all performance metrics for fresh, chlorinated and salt water than titanium.

7 Styles To Choose From