Leslie's Premier Gold Chain Guarantee

Every Leslie’s Gold chain that you purchase from Pyramid Studios is covered by the Leslie’s guarantee. This is the most customer friendly replacement policy in the jewelry industry. For this reason Pyramid Studios is proud to be an authorized retailer of Leslie’s chains.

What Does the Leslie’s Guarantee Cover?

Most guarantees cover chains if they are damaged or defective but the Leslie’s guarantee goes beyond that. If your Leslie’s chain should break for any reason or shows signs of wear that weakens the chain’s integrity, return it to Pyramid Studios. As long as your chain was purchased from Pyramid Studios, we will give you a new replacement chain.The guarantee covers all Leslie’s chains that have an authentic Leslie’s trademark.

What is not covered by the Leslie’s Guarantee?

The Leslie’s guarantee does not cover loss of chains. A personal jewelry insurance policy will cover your chain against loss, theft or mysterious disappearance.

How Do I Return A Chain?

You may bring your chain in to Pyramid Studio’s at our store in Ellsworth, ME at any time when our store is open.
You may mail us your chain to us at 10 State Street, Ellsworth, ME. We recommend that you insure chains that are mailed to us. We will mail your replacement chain back to you for a fee of $12 to cover secure packaging, postage and insurance.

What if no replacement chain is available?

If a certain chain style is no longer available, Leslie’s will offer a substitute chain in a similar style and weight for your approval. 

When will I Receive My Replacement Chain?

Pyramid Studios sends chains that are covered by the guarantee to Leslie’s within 2 business days of receiving the chain. From our experience, it generally takes Leslie’s 1-2 weeks to send us a replacement chain.