Tanzanite is a rare gemstone often described as “velvety” because of its deep and saturated blue and violet colors.

What makes Tanzanite so special?
Tanzanite is one of only two known gemstones that clearly exhibits two colors at once. Tanzanite shows different colors when viewed in different directions – gently rock and tilt your tanzanite to reveal the play and flash of colors as the angle of the stone changes. Colors change from blue to violet and some tanzanite will flash a burgundy color. Cool lighting --like daylight equivalent fluorescent --will emphasize tanzanite's blue, while warm lighting --like incandescent --will make it appear more violet.

Where does Tanzanite come from?
A Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu is credited with finding the first tanzanite crystal in 1967. The Merelani Hills of northern Tanzania is the only place on earth where tanzanite is mined commercially. North of the mines tower the snow-covered slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

How Should Tanzanite Be Worn?
Tanzanite has a hardness of 6 to 7 so it can be abraded by harder materials. The wearer just needs to be aware of the stones' “softness” and be cautious of rough wear and hard knocks. Heavy work such as gardening, household chores and trips to the gym should be avoided in your Tanzanite.  Tanzanite is resistant to everyday heat, light and most common chemicals but avoid extreme heat, intense light and harsh chemicals. Protect tanzanite from sudden temperature changes.

Is Tanzanite Heat Treated?
Yes! Tanzanite is routinely heated to bring out Tanzanite’s lovely colors. The blues and violets that Tanzanite is so well known for do not emerge until the stone is heated. The heating process removes the brown / burgundy axis, leaving just the blue and violet axis. This treatment is stable, permanent and durable.

How Do I Clean Tanzanite?
Warm, soapy water is the best way to keep your Tanzanite clean, using a soft toothbrush to gently clean around prongs and under the stone. Rinse well so the soap does not dry and dull the stone. Use a soft cloth to remove fingerprints from the top of your stone. Avoid Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaning machines. They use high frequency vibration and high heat to clean the stones which might affect your Tanzanite.

How Do I Store Tanzanite?
Store your Tanzanite in a box, bag or pouch to prevent jewelry from rubbing against each other which may scratch your Tanzanite. This includes pairs of Tanzanite earrings. A velvet or flocked lined jewelry box with compartments that separates your jewelry is perfect.