"Bee Inspired" Ancient Fossilized Mammoth Tusk Sterling Silver Bee with Peridot Pendant


This whimsical ancient ivory bee pendant necklace in silver, peridot, and ancient mammoth ivory encapsulates the bee's intrepid spirit and the essential role it plays in balancing our natural world.

In addition to the important part bees play in biodiversity and ecological balance, the bee is a long-revered creature throughout mythology as a symbol of the soul. The bee is a disciplined, diligent worker, and this remarkable insect also inspires a feeling of peace and harmony in its gentle buzzing.

The Bee Inspired fossilized mammoth ivory and peridot necklace features a bee carved out of richly toned fossilized mammoth ivory with wings and body carefully rendered in sterling silver and 14k gold fill accents.

The mammoth ivory pendant is made from ancient fossilized mammoth ivory that has long been buried in the earth, which gives it its unique coloring. It is one of nature's gifts and truly a piece of ancient times. This gorgeous material is gathered, carved, and finally polished into a unique piece you can call your own.

    This pendant is approximately 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" tall.

     Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

    This pendant comes on an 18" sterling silver 1.1mm box with with a secure sterling silver lobster clasp.


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