"Heart Song" Ancient Fossilized Walrus Tusk and Garnet Silver Earrings

$ 120.00

Fossilized walrus tusk heart earrings in silver and garnet are a unique find for the woman who loves heart jewelry and is looking for something a little extra special.

  • Ancient fossilized walrus tusk
  • Faceted deep red garnet accent
  • Graceful sterling silver setting
  • Sterling silver French hook ear wires

    These earrings measure 3/4" wide x 3/4" tall (approx) 

    A matching pendant is also available. 

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


    Heart Song Garnet and Ancient Walrus Tusk Earrings

    The heart is a shape recognized and beloved the world over. It is a paradoxical symbol - both delicate and enormously powerful. These hearts' sweet silhouettes are accented with fossilized walrus ivory and a touch of deep red garnet, the stone of passion and rejuvenation.

    Highly prized fossilized walrus ivory began its journey centuries ago in the earth. There is lay buried to be slowly colored over time into the material we know today. Each piece of fossilized walrus ivory is subtly unique thanks to the almost magical coloring process. This earthy, ancient material is gathered by native peoples and sought after the world over for use in jewelry and fine art designs.

    Garnet is an ideal accent stone for these ancient ivory earrings as it warms the ivory's natural color while lending the jewelry that touch of passion and fire. Garnet has long been associated with the heart, and these garnet heart earrings are made particularly special with the addition of ancient ivory.