"Heartbeat" Fossilized Mammoth Tusk Garnet and Sterling Silver Earrings

$ 170.00

Width 7/8" x Height 1" (approx)

These hand carved heart earrings represent timeless love and loyalty, two of the many virtues attributed to the deep red garnet stone.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Hand Carved Fossilized Tusk Heart Earrings

Your heart is beating all day, every day, without a break. Every minute your heart pumps about 5 quarts of blood through your system; pretty amazing when you stop to think about it. It's little wonder the heart is the symbol of love - that enduring, never-ceasing presence that reminds us we're alive.

These delicate heart earrings are hand carved from fossilized mammoth ivory. Mammoths roamed the earth thousands of years ago and have been extinct for over 10,000 years. The fossilized mammoth tusk stayed buried in the earth all that time until it was finally excavated, gathered, and carved into beautiful works of art.