"Nefertiti" Ancient Fossilized Walrus Tusk Ivory Silver Earrings

$ 120.00

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Width 7/16" x Height 1 1/4" (approx)

This dazzling pair of hand carved walrus ivory earrings is inspired by the beautiful Egyptian queen Nefertiti's famous silhouette and her regal, flat-topped crown.

  • Variegated fossilized walrus ivory
  • Moveable sterling silver hinge setting
  • Sterling silver stud back and butterfly closure
Designer: Jenny Byrne

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 


Priestess Jewelry—Nefertiti Hinge Earrings

Nefertiti, the powerful queen who reigned with King Akhenaton in 14th century B.C., carries an air of mystery surrounding her death as well as a name that means, 'A beautiful woman has come.' She was an integral part of the Egyptian's practice of Aton, or the cult of the sun god. She may have been so powerful as to actually be a co-ruler with her husband.

Nefertiti is famously depicted wearing the flat-topped crown, or headdress, that she favored. She seems to have vanished in her husband's twelfth year as king. It is not known what became of her—only that she was a dynamic queen during her reign and revered as a goddess-like symbol of fertility. Her regal bearing is forever imprinted on our culture thanks to an ancient limestone bust of her discovered in the early 1900's.

Nefertiti's proud silhouette and tall crown inspired the shape for these richly hued hinge earrings. The two shades of fossilized walrus ivory are set in a braided sterling silver border and separated by a moveable hinge design.

Our fossilized walrus ivory is between 500 and 3,000 years old. It spends most of its long life underground where minerals color it the variegated range of soft caramel to deep cocoa hues that make it such a desirable material. It is an important cultural and economic resource for the Native peoples who gather it. As each piece of walrus ivory may vary in shade, the exact colors in your pair of Nefertiti earrings may vary from the colors pictured here. All our materials are hand picked to ensure their quality.