"Phoenix Rising" Fossilized Walrus Tusk, Amber and Sterling Silver Pendant

$ 170.00

The glorious phoenix rising from the ashes is celebrated in this stunning phoenix necklace featuring fossilized ivory that is hundreds of years old and rich amber.

  • Fossilized walrus ivory body
  • Amber sun accent
  • Sterling silver wings and setting
  • Width 1 1/2" x Height 1 3/4" (approx)

Add a 1.5mm sterling silver snake chain with secure lobster clasp.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


The phoenix’s body is carved from fossilized ivory, specifically walrus ivory that has lain buried between 300 and 5,000 years. Our fossilized walrus ivory is gathered by the Yupik of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, where only they have the right to collect this important economic and cultural resource. The Yupik use the fossilized walrus ivory in their own carvings and also sell/trade it. Minerals in the earth stain the fossilized ivory a bevy of gorgeous earth tones, making it a material greatly valued for its singular quality.