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Width 1 3/16" x Height 1 1/4" (approx)

This dreamy fossilized walrus ivory and sparkling blue topaz silver sea turtle pendant features Zealandia’s signature curling wave details and hand carved spiral shell accents.

  • Artisan carved fossilized walrus tusk turtle shell
  • Faceted blue topaz ocean accent
  • Detailed sterling silver setting
  • This pendant is sold without a chain
  • Matching earrings

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Designer: Jenny Byrne

Fossilized Ivory and Blue Topaz Silver Sea Turtle Pendant

Our Ocean Dreams fossilized ivory and silver turtle pendant places the beloved sea turtle in his element—the open waters—with a sparkling blue topaz accent stone and Zealandia’s signature curling wave details. The sea turtle lives out much of her life in the ocean, coming ashore to lay eggs. She is uniquely adapted to her environment and peacefully at home among the dancing waves.

Our designers selected blue topaz to accent this aquatic themed turtle pendant for its brilliant hue. Blue topaz was also chosen as it is the stone of protection against negativity and disharmony. Like the ocean deep, this calming stone also helps us draw on our innate creative inspiration and powers of communication.

The sea turtle’s shell is hand carved from fossilized walrus tusk ivory, which has been embellished with spiral designs and inked. Our fossilized walrus tusk is some 500 to 3,000 years old, and it has spent most of its long life buried in the earth where minerals stain it a variety of warm tones. It is a valuable cultural and economic resource for the Native Alaskans who gather it, as well as prized the world over for its fine quality and the touch of antiquity it lends to fine jewelry.