"Ocean Pearl" Fossil Mammoth Tusk and Pearl Sterling Silver Pendant

$ 270.00

Width 1 1/4" x Height 1 1/2" (approx)

This ancient ivory silver mermaid pendant is designed around a lustrous mabe pearl that gives this piece an added touch of the sea - a favorite from our silver mermaid jewelry collection.

  • Hand carved mammoth tusk ivory
  • Soft peacock colored mabe pearl accent
  • Intricate sterling silver mermaid tail and setting
  • Designer: Jenny Byrne
  • Add a 1.5mm sterling silver snake chain with secure lobster clasp. 

Allow 2 weeks for delivery. 

Designer: Jessie Lins

Silver Mermaid Jewelry - Mermaid Pearl Necklace

Nothing captures the romance of the sea like the combination of a mermaid and her pearl. Both are precious and mystical, the stuff of a lovely dream. This mabe pearl mermaid necklace was designed around the pearl center, creating a graceful shape that sings the mermaid's song of longing and love.

The cultured mabe pearl in this mermaid pearl necklace captures the light beautifully, lending a diffuse balance to the sterling silver setting. Mabe pearls are grown on the sides of an oyster shell, giving them a flat back and making them ideal for jewelry setting.

Our designers selected ancient mammoth tusk ivory for the mermaid's upper body. This prized material gets it luminous quality from the thousands of years it has spent buried in the earth. There the ancient mammoth tusk accretes its creamy coloring. This ancient ivory is used throughout our silver mermaid jewelry and in many of our carved ivory pendants.

Pair this mermaid pearl necklace with a pair of ocean inspired earrings for a complete set!